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Porn for women?

There are billions of porn videos out there, today. And yet, we are far away from the glory days of 1970s when they still made proper porno ‘movies’. Lately, we’ve been drowning in a never ending sea of clips and tags and only a small percentage of this dark hole is actually enjoyable. It’s especially hard to find quality porn for women who are usually put off by purely mechanical sex, by the faces of disgust on most of the female actresses, by the monster-looking guys and the lack of pleasure, overall. Isn’t pleasure the goal of this whole thing? Men are more visual, they don’t need to have their mind turned on like their female counterparts, although that is also a generalization because I’m sure a lot of men will enjoy the content of this website.
What I’m trying to do here is gather porn from companies who treat their performers as human beings, who put some soul into their work and who feature female pleasure. Women know when another woman is faking it and there’s nothing more damaging for our boner than to jerk off to a girl who’s obviously not having a good time. I also look for films that feature men as men and not just fucking machines, films that actually show the man’s face and the pleasure on it.

All that we are looking for is chemistry.

You, the consumer

Porn can be a gateway to a lot of bad things. Let’s not forget all the women trapped in human trafficking situations and forced to work as prostitutes and porn actresses, without ever having a choice, or the men who inject chemicals into their bodies to be able to shoot more often. That is why, as a consumer of pornography, you need to choose your product wisely so that it’s an enjoyable experience for all parties involved.

I know all websites featured here apply good practices to their work. Of course, we are talking about sex work so it’s always going to be somewhat of a grey area. What is ethical? You decide. What’s important is that you are conscious about what you are consuming. It’s just like everything else.


Some of the websites featured here have an affiliate system, like most porn sites. That means that if you click on a link to one of these sites and buy a membership, I get a cut. Filtering all the porn out there is a lot of work and the affiliate system pays for cat food and tobacco. The point is, you have the information and my personal, untainted, opinion on these sites. I hope it will allow you to find something that really turns you on, something that will fire up in your mind and excite you.

About the illustrations

I love drawing and sex has always been a great inspiration for me, and soon, if you enjoy my work and would like to support me, you’ll be able to hang some of that illustrated smut on your wall through my art shop! Coming soon.



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